SPRING SCARECROW FESTIVAL - with a difference!

17-30 SEPTEMBER 2020

Theme: Frontline 2020 - Resilience and Renewal

What: Free community event - build a scarecrow to thank frontline workers, or to say something about your experience in this very different year! 

How to participate: form a school/daycare/family or other community group, and build a scarecrow or group of scarecrows to display at the Garden during Festival Week!

When: Build your scarecrows anytime before Thursday 17 September.

How to get scarecrows to Garden: Either drop them off to the Garden at a time that suits you (we will put them up); OR take advantage of our contactless pickup!

Where: Erindale Neighbourhood Garden, Comrie Street Wanniassa (opposite Erindale Centre). 

Scarecrows will be displayed along the fence in Erindale Neighbourhood Garden from 17-25 and to the end of September. 

They can be viewed from the footpath.



The scarecrows can be viewed by walking or driving along Comrie Street. 

They will form part of the lovely Floriade Reimagined garden displays hosted by Tuggeranong Uniting Church, one of the communities selected to participate in 

the decentralised Floriade events for 2020.

Aim: for children and adults of all ages to have fun, be creative, and enjoy community involvement through constructing scarecrows. As 2020 has been a very difficult or different year for many people, it makes sense to have a theme that allows children and adults to express their ideas about how bushfires, toxic smoke, and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have affected their daily lives. 

We want to celebrate the resilience of people and communities, and to have some fun together in an upbeat project!

Who can participate: we welcome participation from any interested groups, such as: day care and preschools, schools, families; community or other groups, aged care residents. You can enter as many teams or scarecrows as you wish.

What does it cost? Nothing. Participation is free. 

What to build?  

  • A scarecrow, or group of scarecrows - they can be people, animals, a combination, with whatever other elements you like. You can include a sign with any sort of positive message that fits your theme.
  • Your scarecrows need a strong central supporting stake (eg a garden stake or star picket).
  • Scarecrows can be made from any materials (eg recycled materials and old clothes, wood, sticks, straw, fabric, feathers, car tyres, old brooms, wire, plastic, cardboard). 
  • Your scarecrows could be a frontline worker such as healthcare worker, firefighter or emergency services, police officer or anyone else that you would like to thank or celebrate. 
  • You might decide that your scarecrows will send a message about hand hygiene, or wearing masks, or social distancing.
  • You might want to show you, your family or friends doing new things during COVID-19 restrictions, such as participating in a COVID choir or other fun event or activity.
  • Or you might want to show how this year has been different for you in some other way - you are only limited by your imagination!

If you’re looking for ideas to help you decide what type of scarecrow you’d like to make, 

simply go online and search for “scarecrows”. There are hundreds of pictures!


How to enter:

Simple! Either -

  • complete and submit the application form online; or
  • print, complete and scan the application form and email it to the Neighbourhood Garden co-ordinator at: [email protected]; or
  • phone the Garden co-ordinator (Karen: mobile 0407 896 489) and let her know your details.

Certificates will be awarded to teams for:

  • Most Original Scarecrow/theme/idea/concept
  • Best in Category: (a) day care/preschool/junior primary school (b) primary school years 3-6; (c) high school and college; (d) special education and needs (e) aged care (f) family/friends (g) community, club or other group
  • Best in Scarecrow Festival for 2020
  • People's Choice